Which Industries Use Marine Fueling Services in New Bedford?

New Bedford Harbor is the largest fishing port in the whole United States. There are plenty of marine vessels that come through there that require commercial marine services. New Bedford marine fuel delivery is available via truck to ship service through Guard Oil out of Fairhaven, located just five minutes away from the harbor. It is important to hire marine fueling services in New Bedford that are properly trained and experienced in marine fuel services.

Guard Oil provides delivery services to residential, commercial and marine customers from Cape Cod all the way to Providence, and we are US Coast Guard certified. What that means is that all of our personnel are trained to meet the requirements of the US Coast Guard for safety. We ensure that our staff receives training that is above and beyond the training that would be required at other comparable companies. Companies that hire Guard Oil to provide them with New Bedford marine fuel delivery can also receive delivery of motor oil, hydraulic oil, as well as oils, gas and lubricants used in the marine industry by ship owners and marine yards.

Who Uses New Bedford Marine Fuel Delivery?
You might be surprised at some of the clients we serve through our marine fueling services in New Bedford and the surrounding area. There are many different industries that count on marine fueling services for commercial vessels of all shapes and sizes.

Some of the commercial clients who use our New Bedford marine fuel delivery include:

  • Commercial Fishing – Some of our biggest clients work in the commercial industry right here in Southeastern Massachusetts. They rely heavily on our commercial marine services to provide them with the fuel they need, when they need it. Our ability to supply fuel for vessels that require more than 10,500 gallons, really separates us from other local competitors who can’t fill orders of that size. We provide service within 24-hours of receiving an order, so if you call us today for marine fueling services in New Bedford, we’ll be there to deliver it tomorrow.
  • Military Vessels – Nothing makes us more proud than to be able to provide marine fueling services in New Bedford and the surrounding harbor areas for the United States military. We are honored and humbled to deliver commercial marine services to support our brave men and women who work diligently to keep our nation safe.
  • Boat Yards – Local boat yards depend on Guard Oil to provide them with a supply of US Coast Guard certified marine fuel delivery services, as well as lubricants, motor oil, hydraulic oil and other essential products that they require for their day-to-day business. Our 24-hour services can be used to assist clients who need a quick turn-around on supplies, whether it is due to a misunderstanding for regular deliveries or due to an unexpected increase in business.
  • Research Vessels – Another industry that we are proud to support is ocean researchers. These teams require reliable and dependable options for marine fueling services in New Bedford, and Guard Oil is pleased to provide it. We are also able to provide additional delivery services for oil and other services available to large vessels in Massachusetts.
  • Yachts – Large personal vessels, whether they qualify as yachts or not, can require a lot of fuel. Whether these vessels are used for pleasure boating, business entertaining or to take customers out on tours of the local region, boat owners can count on New Bedford marine fuel delivery services from Guard Oil.
  • Marinas – Similar to boat yards, owners of marinas trust our team to provide them with marine fueling services in New Bedford and the surrounding area. Commercial marine services that keep marinas and other related businesses supplied with marine fuel and other related products, are very important to these businesses. We are proud to provide our services to local marinas in the South Coast region.

Trust Guard Oil for Commercial Marine Services
For many years, clients throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island have trusted the Coast Guard certified team at Guard Oil to provide them with marine fueling services in New Bedford and the surrounding area. Our team is highly trained, experienced and certified to provide top quality commercial marine services to customers via truck to vessel delivery. You can count on the professionalism of the crew, from the moment you call and place an order to the moment that we deliver. Give us a call at 508-992-3030 for a free, no obligation quote for any of our professional New Bedford marine fuel delivery services.